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3 Techniques Used in Parking Lot Sweeping

Dishing Out the Right Techniques to Improve the Sweeping Efficiently

Whether you are hired for a small or large parking lot sweeping job, the level of service you provide really depends on the equipment and expertise you have. If you have enough experience, you can dish out the right techniques in order to improve their sweeping effectiveness and efficiency. Aside from that, you can also specialize in a certain type of service, so here are some of the techniques you can use:

Back-and-Forth Sweeping

If you are suddenly roped into helping out your neighbors, you can use this technique. You are basically expected to move in a counterclockwise or back-and-forth sweep pattern. You should start very close to the car and sweep outward until you get to the parking space. You can start the sweep again from where you left off or from a different location. This is a very effective way of cleaning the spaces, but it is also the most labor-intensive one too.

Intermittent Sweeping

This is also known as intermittent pressure washing, and it is a way of cleaning parking spaces that is more efficient and effective. This is done when the parking is a bit too dirty for you to do a back-and-forth sweep. With this method, you have to focus on a certain area with a sustained and intensive pressure wash, which can often sound like the most tiresome job in the world. You will need to focus on the area that needs the most help in order to save the most amount of time.


A vacuum is also needed to clean up debris. While it cannot pick up debris as efficiently as a sweeper, it is still able to pick up large and small debris from the parking lot. Make sure that you use a vacuum that is capable of picking up large amounts of debris.

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